IPL Sanction Application

IPL Rulebook Excerpts


Item 1. General Rules
The International Powerlifting League (IPL) recognizes the following:
1.1.1 All “three-lift competitions” must include and be performed in the sequence of the squat, then bench press, and concluding with the deadlift.
1.1.2. Competition takes place between lifters in categories defined by gender, bodyweight and age.
1.1.3. The rules apply to all levels of competition – Regional, National, World.
1.1.4. Each competitor is allowed three attempts on each lift. Any exceptions are explained in the appropriate section of the rulebook. The lifter’s best valid attempt on each lift, disregarding any fourth attempts for record purposes, counts toward the competition total.
1.1.5 The winner of a category shall be the lifter who achieves the highest total. The remaining lifters shall be ranked in descending order based upon total. Lifters failing to achieve a total are eliminated from the competition.

Item 2. Age Categories
1.1.7 Competitive lifting shall be restricted to competitor’s age 15 years older. The lifter must have attained minimum age on the day of the competition. The following age categories are recognized by the IPL for both men and women:
Junior: 15-19
Junior: 20-23
Open: 13-85+
Master: 40 to 44, 45 to 49, 50 to 54, 55 to 59, 60 to 64, 65 to 69, 70 to 74, 75 to 79, 80-84, 85+

Item 4. IPL Registration
1.4.1 Lifters, administrators, referees’, committee members and other contest officials participating in IPL sanctioned competitions, national meetings and any other form of official IPL business must maintain current IPL registration.
1.4.2 Competition is restricted to the minimum age of 15, with no maximum age limit. Youth lifters younger than 15 may lift in IPL sanctioned meets as guest lifters, with prior approval, if their parent or guardian has signed a waiver form. They will not be able to establish records or receive
awards. Youth lifters will need to purchase a high school membership regardless if they are in High School. This is for insurance reasons.
1.4.3 All lifters must show proper identification (driver’s license, passport or school ID) and their IPL
membership card (with expiration date) at the time of weigh-ins.
1.4.4 Annual IPL membership registration will cover the period of 12 months from the date of issue.

IPL membership must be purchased though the IPL website at https://powerlifting-ipl.com/
1.4.5 Throughout this rulebook, where ever the words “he” or “his” occur, such reference is deemed to apply to either gender.
1.4.6 The IPL logo shall not be changed in anyway, and shall always be displayed with the “R” on the logo. Any deviation of the logo shall be causing to terminate the usage permission. Please direct any questions or inquiries regarding this policy to the IPL World office: [email protected] .