2019 IPL Rulebook - Part 9

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This document is a digital representation of the official IPL Rulebook. This document has been digitized to permit automatic translation of this document. This document is provided as a reference. In ALL instances, please refer to the official IPL Rulebook, which can be found here: Official IPL Rulebook.

Part 9. Our Personal Message for our Special and Disabled Lifters:

9.1.1 The IPL welcomes all lifters and will always do our very best at all times to accommodate any special needs or requests. If there are any special requests that a lifter may have, please contact us prior to the meet so we may assist you, ensuring your having a pleasurable meet. Powerlifting is a passion that should never be limited by ones’ own physical hurdles. Our staff is understanding and experienced in this area and wants every lifter to feel both welcomed and appreciated at our meets.

Item 1. Weight Classes
9.1.2 All standard weight classes will be used for men and women as found in Part 1, Item 3 above

Item 2. Costume
9.2.1 A lifting suit (singlet) is not required, but a t-shirt is. Use of both a t-shirt and lifting suit is permitted.
9.2.2 Track trousers, which fit tightly to both the buttocks and legs, or snug fitting shorts are the only trousers acceptable.
9.2.3 Lifting with prosthesis is allowed and orthotics with shoes will be allowed.

Item 3. General
9.3.1 If the lifter cannot fully stretch the arms resulting from anatomical deformation of the elbow they must report this fact to the three referees before the beginning of each attempt during the competition.
9.3.2 If the lifter cannot fully stretch the legs resulting from anatomical or neurological disease, they
must report this fact to the three referees before the beginning of each attempt during the competition.
9.3.3 Any lifter is allowed to be strapped to the bench with his personal strapping belt.
9.3.4 Strapping is allowed on the legs from the ankles to the hips.
9.3.5 Strapping of the legs must be done by the lifter, the coach, or the loaders, under the supervision of the referees.
9.3.6 The coach is allowed to help the lifter on arrival at or upon leaving the platform. Coaches shall remain within the designated coaching area.
9.3.7 The lifter is allowed two minutes in which to start his attempt after being called to the platform. A warning call and time signal will be given at the one-minute remaining stage.
9.3.8 The lifter must lie on his back with shoulders and buttocks in contact with the flat bench surface. The head may rise during the lift. This position shall be maintained throughout the attempt. The only exceptions are regarding the heels in the case of lower limb amputees.