2019 IPL Rulebook - Part 5

Sections Description

This document is a digital representation of the official IPL Rulebook. This document has been digitized to permit automatic translation of this document. This document is provided as a reference. In ALL instances, please refer to the official IPL Rulebook, which can be found here: Official IPL Rulebook.


Item 1. Weighing-In of the Competitors
5.1.1 All lifters must attend a weigh in session, which will be carried out in the presence of one to three appointed referees.
5.1.2 An optional early weigh in session may be established by the Meet Director and contest officials, and the lifters informed accordingly. This session may occur up to, but not greater than 24 hours prior to the start of the meet.
5.1.3 All weigh in sessions will last a minimum of one and a half hours, with the exception of the early morning session the day of the meet that can be as short as one hour. It is not recommended, but the morning of the meet weigh in session can be on an appointment only
basis, as long as it was published this way for all competitors to know about on the meet entry form in advance.
5.1.4 The weigh in for each competitor will be carried out in a locked room, or behind a privacy partition, with only the competitor, his coach or manager, and the referees present. All lifters will be weighed in by an official of the same gender. If an official of the same gender is not available, one may be appointed for this purpose only.
5.1.5 The lifter’s agreed body weight must not be made public until all the lifters competing in the particular category have been weighed in. The lifter will initial his body weight on his score card acknowledging it is accurate.
5.1.6 Lifters will be weighed nude or in undershorts (bras allowed for female lifters) or optionally in their singlet. For sanitary reasons a lifter is allowed to leave their socks on during weigh-ins or may place a small paper towel on the scale to protect the feet.
5.1.7 The inspection of costume and personal equipment will take place during the weigh in period by an IPL official. It is the lifter’s responsibility to compete only in approved equipment. Any violations found by the Referees while the lifter is on the platform that are considered a “minor” violation will result in a warning and a possible disqualification of the lift. Any violation by a lifter that is considered “intentional” (e.g. incorrect undershorts, two ply suit, 3 m knee wraps) will result in the lifter being removed from the meet).
5.1.8 Each lifter may only officially weigh-in once. Only those whose bodyweights are heavier or lighter than the category limits of the category entered are allowed to return to the scales. They must return to the scales and make weight prior to the last official weigh in session closing.
5.1.9 Lifters being weighed in for the first time take precedence over lifters being re-weighed. A lifter can only be reweighed after all other lifters have been called to the scales. Lifters trying to make weight may be weighed as often as time allows. A lifter may only be weighed outside the time limit of one and a half hours if he presents himself within the time limit, but due to the number of lifters trying to make weight, he is denied the opportunity of mounting the scales. He may then be allowed one
re-weigh at the discretion of the referees.
5.1.10 A lifter will have the option of changing categories up or down one weight class from that in which he was originally entered. The exception to this rule is at the Nationals, Worlds, Expos, and all IPL sanctioned events. Lifters may not go down a weight class from the class they qualified and entered the competition in. At these specific meets, they may, however, go up one weight class, as long as they have met the qualifying total for the higher weight class.
5.1.11 If two lifters register the same bodyweight at the weigh in and eventually achieve the same total at the end of the competition, they will be re-weighed, and the lighter person will take precedence over the heavier person. However, if they still weigh the same after re-weighing, they will then share the placing, and each receives an award. In such circumstances, should two lifters be in first place, and then the next lifter shall be placed third and so forth.
5.1.12 Lifters are required to check squat and bench press rack heights and foot blocks prior to the start of the competition.
5.1.13 For any age related class, proof of age must be provided. Documents unsupported by photographic proof (i.e. birth certificates) are not acceptable. Only official documents giving photographic evidence with corresponding personal details will be acceptable (i.e. passport, driver license, or Military I.D., etc). This shall also apply to master and junior lifters competing in the open class in support of any record attempts.
5.1.14 If any lifter fails to achieve a total and is eliminated from any competition (a.k.a. bombing out of the meet), they cannot pay another entry or just re-enter the competition in another weight class and/or division. Especially if a lifter is eliminated from a powerlifting competition, he cannot re- enter into the single lift bench or deadlift portion of the competition. Also, if a competition is held over a number of days and a lifter is eliminated from one day’s lifting, he cannot pay another entry to re-enter the competition in another higher or lower weight class and/or division on the next day of the competition.
5.1.15 At the meet director’s discretion, a lifter that has been eliminated from the competition for failing to achieve a total in one of the lifts, may be allowed to complete the meet. The lifter will not be eligible for any awards or records and will be considered a “guest” lifter only.
5.1.16 All weigh-ins will be done on a certified calibrated kilo scale accurate to the tenth of a kilo. All weights will be recorded on the lifter’s official score card to the tenth of a kilo and initialed by the lifter and official as accurate. (e.g. 110.0kg is correct, 110kg is not correct,)
5.1.17 All first attempts will be given by the lifter or their coach to the weigh-in official at this time. It will be entered on their official score card in pencil by the official only, and initialed by the lifter or their coach acknowledging its accuracy.
5.1.18 It is the lifters responsibility to notify the weigh-in official if any of their opening attempts will be for a State/Regional, National or World Record. This must be noted by the official on the lifter’s score card by circling either a “S” for Regional Record, a “N” for National Record or a “W” for World Record next to the requested amount in kilos and must be initialed by the lifter or coach.
5.1.19 All lifters must be current IPL members as well as members of their countries National federation prior to weighing in. If a lifter is not a current member, the lifter will fill out a membership application online, along with paying the application fee, prior to being allowed to weigh in. No lifter may compete without current membership and signed waiver.
5.1.20 All minors younger than 18 years of age must be weighed in with two adult officials of the same gender present in the room. No one other than the lifter, two officials, and a parent, or parental approved coach, may be present in the room at the time of the weigh in. Both officials must sign the lifter’s card they were present at the time of the weigh in.
5.1.21 Only certified officials (both fully certified or apprentices) are allowed to perform all duties required at weigh in sessions, including, but not limited to – filling out the lifter’s cards, assisting lifters with rack heights, doing the actual weigh ins, and performing gear checks.
5.1.22 All weigh in officials are required to validate the specs of all lifters’ gear to be worn during the meet. This would include gear both on, and not on our approved list. If not certain an item is within the required specs found in the rule book, it may be necessary to use a calibration tool to determine the legality of the gear.