2019 IPL Rulebook - Part 10

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This document is a digital representation of the official IPL Rulebook. This document has been digitized to permit automatic translation of this document. This document is provided as a reference. In ALL instances, please refer to the official IPL Rulebook, which can be found here: Official IPL Rulebook.

Part 10. Multi-Ply Division – Annex

Item 1. Lifting Suit
10.1.1 A lifting suit shall be worn during the competitive lifts. It must be an individual full length article of cloth fabric, polyester, denim or canvas and may consist of multiple plies of any thickness, but as a whole be of a singular construction. The straps must be worn over the shoulders at all times while performing the competitive lifts. The use of Velcro material to secure the straps is permitted. The length of the legs must not extend beyond mid-thigh (mid-point between the top of the kneecap and the crotch).

10.1.2 An erector shirt may be worn with either a squat or deadlift suit during the performance of these two lifts.

Item 2. Bench Shirt
10.2.1 One bench shirt may be worn under the lifting suit. It must be an individual article of cloth fabric, polyester, denim or canvas. Its construction may consist of multiple plies but must, as a whole, be a singular component. Sleeves must remain above the elbow when worn and must cover the
armpits. Velcro or open back is permitted.
10.2.2 During the bench press, a lifter wearing an open-back bench shirt has the option of wearing one plain white t-shirt and meets all general specifications found under Part 3-Costume and Personal Equipment, Item 5 Undershirt).

Item 3. Support Briefs
10.3.1 One pair of Support Briefs of any design may be worn and may extend below the bottom of the lifting suit leg, provided that the length of the legs does not exceed mid-thigh, and that the waist does not extend beyond approximately mid-torso.
10.3.2 The Support Briefs must be an individual article of cloth fabric. The construction may consist of multiple plies to any thickness but must, as a whole, be a singular component.

Item 4. Elbow Sleeves
10.4.1 Elbow sleeves may be worn only during the squat and deadlift competition, but not during the bench press. They may be supportive sleeves of rubberized material (maximum length of 20cm)
They may cover the general elbow area but cannot extend beyond 10cm above or below the
mid-point of the elbow joint. The shirt sleeve may extend over the elbow sleeve as long as it does extend past the elbow joints.

Item 5. Bench press
10.5.1 The lifter’s shoes or toes must be in solid contact with the platform or surface. The position of the head is optional.
10.5.2 As long as the bar is not so low that it touches the lifters belt, the lift is acceptable.
10.5.3 The center spotter is allowed to adjust the lifters belt, shoulders, head, or arms once the lifter is on the bench from the head position, but the lift must still begin within the one-minute allowed.
10.5.4 Spray-on “stickem” is allowed to be used on the soles of the shoes only.

Item 6. Squat – Platform Personal
10.6.1 During the performance of the squat there will be one additional spotter / loader allowed on the platform that will operate the arm apparatus of the mono-lift. This will be in addition to the maximum allowed of five spotter / loaders.

Item 7. Squat – Mono-lift
10.7.1 The use of the mono-lift during the performance of the squat is permitted. The lifter has the option to remain in place or walk out prior to starting their lift.