IPL Costume and Personal Equipment – Wrist Wraps

Item 11. Wrist Wraps

3.11.1 Only wrist wraps of one ply commercially woven elastic that is covered with polyester, cotton or combinations of either materials is permitted.
3.11.2 Wrist wraps may not exceed 1m in length and 8cm in width. Any sleeves, and Velcro patches/tabs for securing, must be incorporated within the one meter length. A loop may be attached as an aid to securing. The loop shall not cover the thumb or fingers during the lift.
3.11.3 A wrist wrap shall not extend beyond 10cm above and 2cm below the center of the wrist joint, and shall not exceed a covering width of 12cm when worn.
3.11.4 Standard commercial sweat bands may be worn, not exceeding 12cm in width. A combination of wrist wraps and sweat bands is not allowed.

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