IPL Costume and Personal Equipment – Socks


Item 8. Socks

3.8.1 Socks may be worn, however only one pair of socks at a time.
3.8.2 They may be of any color or colors.
3.8.3 They shall not be of such length on the leg that they come in contact with the knee or meet any knee wrapping or knee supporter when in use.
3.8.4 Full-length leg stockings, tights or hose are strictly forbidden.
3.8.5 During the execution of the deadlift, one pair of knee length socks must be worn. They must cover to the top of calf, ending just below the knee joint. See drawings below.
3.8.6 Duct tape may never be worn in place of a knee sock, but may be worn under the sock as a
shin guard as long as all duct tape is covered by the sock.

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